Sample Holiday Vacation Packages

Sample Vacation Itineraries

An off the rack suit or dress might fit you, but no matter how well manufactured it is, a custom-tailored version is going to fit you even better. The same is true with travel. Belize Travel Vacations specializes in offering completely customized, bespoke trips. We tailor the itineraries to address your likes and dislikes, be it a preference for small intimate inns over grand hotels (or vice versa), the finest dining or the most local dives, and your sightseeing passion, from visiting Maya temples, to meeting local artists behind the scenes. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, looking for an adventure or just want to relax and recuperate we can design that package for you.

Here is just one example of the many packages that we can create for you.
We can make your vacation dream a reality.


Belize Vacation Holiday Packages


Guatemala Vacation Holiday Package


Mexico Vacation Holiday Package/


Honduras Vacation Holiday Package