Why Use Belize Travel Vacations?

Why use Belize Travel Vacations?

In the words of famous 19th Century inventor, Nikola Tesla,
“Time is more valuable than money, you can get more money but you cannot get more time”


We at Belize Travel Vacations believe there can be no small print, we make it all as clear as possible to be sure to use both your and our time wisely.

We save you money

For our part, we provide travel advice based only on our personal experiences and since we buy a large number of hotel rooms, transfers and tour experiences through the year for travel professionals and consumers year round, we get great prices that are not available to the general public.

We are not greedy, so we share some of those benefits with our customers so that you can get hotel reservations and full packages cheaper than you could arrange yourselves with the added benefit of a local expert putting it all together for you and providing round the clock service while you are in country.

Why use us
Why use us

We check and double check everything

We go ahead of your every step checking and reconfirming all arrangements. And heaven forbid that in the rare event that weather or anything else puts the skids under your wheels, we are right there to keep you going and make changes to ensure you can continue on your journey.

We save you time

We also save you time and money by paying out each supplier on time and avoid you having to go back and forth with many different sources to set up one trip not to mention the added cost of dealing with so many different parties.

Why use us
If hiring a local expert whose only concern is to get you set up with the holiday that best suits your time, ideas and budget, while saving you $ that you can better spend elsewhere, then we are confident you have found the right address.


So for a perfect tailor made Belize or Belize and beyond Travel Experience…

What we are not

We are not set up to be a free travel resource, for that Belize has two amazingly professional organizations, the Belize tourist board and Belize hotel association, both of whom are excellent and very professional and who will provide impartial advice about tourism related matters in our country.



Our company is born out of our sister company, Darah Travel, which is an incoming DMC (Destination Management Company), which has been working exclusively with travel professionals around the world since 2010. Our highly skilled travel specialists communicate with travel experts in many countries, so if you prefer to buy your trip from a local agent who has the relevant in country licensing, bonding and travel protection your country provides, a local phone number and so you can pay them in your local currency, it will be our pleasure to simply turn over your request to our top agents. We presently have partner agencies in : USA, Canada, UK, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Check Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Suriname, Guyana. French Guyana and in many Caribbean islands. Where we do not have a partner at this time, most likely we will have someone we can recommend to you as we are expanding our profile of partners all the time.

Member of:

Belize Tourism Board
Belize Hotel Association
Belize Tourism Industry Association
Latin American Travel Association
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