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Terms & Conditions: Before you book


We ask a non-refundable deposit on the full cost of your trip to reserve the hotels and services. Final payment has to be sent 45 days ahead of arrival. Without this hotels reserve the right to cancel rooms and you may forfeit your deposit. The deposit varies between 30% and 50% of the total trip cost and in some rare cases the deposit may be more, it depends totally on which resorts are in your trip plans and their individual payment needs. Make sure you have great travel insurance and if in the event you need to cancel your trip we will do our best to mitigate any costs, however, some hotels are very small and they do not refund on cancellations. If you cancel your trip for health reasons, send us the relevant Doctors paperwork and we will do our level best to work with hotels to see if they will waive the cancellation fees. Sometimes we are able to re-book customers for other dates without penalties but this depends largely on the time of year and from hotel to hotel and in some cases a higher cost may apply if the same room type is not available or you choose a more expensive time of the year to schedule new dates.

If you cancel within 45 days of the start of your trip, once the full payment has been made, we can only offer refunds based on the hotels and service providers individual cancellation policies and always do our best to get funds back where it is possible.

Tours cancelled for bad weather or for things outside of our control are usually refunded to customers on a no quibble basis, but not where we will be charged by the service provider irrespective. To this end, we have worked hard on our local relationships and most of the time we are able to waive cancellation fees on tours dependent on the circumstances or provider. In the event you change your mind about a tour we can sometimes offer alternatives at a similar cost or for a higher cost, but providing refunds may not be possible. Again this largely depends on the provider of each individual tour component and their cancellation terms.

For all the above reasons, this is why we insist that you take out appropriate and sufficient insurance to cover your trip, this way we can all stay friends in the event something goes awry in the plans beyond our and your control.


We would like to clearly advise all potential customers travelling to Belize, to ensure that you have proper and adequate travel insurance for every eventuality including weather related delays or cancellations, medical needs, accidents, theft, missed activities and if you are going to engage in activities like Diving, Snorkelling, Horse Riding, Zip Lining, Rapelling or any other similar activity which carries any similar risks, you will need to ensure your insurance provider is covering you for this in your policy. While we have a good general public liability it does not cover risk activities.

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