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About usI am Nick Davies, a child of the 60’s and as at December 2017 I have visited and travelled in 77 countries. Born and raised in West Africa, educated in the UK, I have lived and worked on 4 continents. For the last 10 years Belize is home and I share a zen for travel together with my wife Shannon, who hails from Belmopan, Belize. Immediately before coming to Belize, I lived and worked in the Dutch Caribbean for 10 years and have been in Resort Management and Travel for 37 years! Within Belize we, a member of our team, or occasionally a trusted travel professional or ravel journalist has stayed in every resort we work with. We personally have stayed in over 90% of the resorts we sell. Same goes for the adventure experience, though I leave the scariest stuff to my wife and the team as I have a big fear of heights!

We are fastidious about quality and select partners we know will provide the best possible service and attention to detail. To ensure a nice ride, we purchased 5 vehicles to transport our guests around in and where distances are too great for us to provide a service from our Belmopan base, we have used the same local partners in the most remote locations since our start up and they truly understand our thirst for quality and an on time service.

Our dedicated and travel savvy team are ready to help you plan the perfect trip no matter how demanding or relaxing you want to make it, we can present you a quote we are sure you are going to love.

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